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Got my first, "Oh, Baby. That is too much..."

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Oh dear, my deepest fear. As if it isn't enough to have a best friend who is "allergic" to perfume--says it gives her migraines--I have heard dreaded words out of the mouth of my most beloved, my sweet hubby. I think we were on the border of a problem when I first brought home a sample of Creed's Jasmine Imperatrice Eugenie. That is, I could almost literally see him holding his tongue. I could tell it was "too much" for him. But he didn't actually VERBALIZE it. Then.

It happened in the drive-thru at a Starbucks. He was ordering two iced mochas as I dug through my Dillards shopping bag, pulled out a new purchase, and ecstatically spritzed onto my neck and wrists, well, the ONE. The one that finaly cracked him, I suppose. The one that loosened the tongue my very tolerant, patient hubby:

"Oh, Baby. That is too much; it's giving me a he---" He stopped. He didn't need to finish. It was out.

Crestfallen but not willing to admit it, I buried my face in my fragrant shirtfront, like that would help. I took a few slurps of clarity: cold, chocolatey, coffee and gathered my thoughts. "Oh, wow, Baby. This IS a strong one!" I apologized. It WAS overpowering in the small space, after all. Normally a pretty quiet couple, I chatted at him aimlessly the drive home. Perhaps I was trying to distract him? I could sense something was wrong. Oh dear, oh dear. Could this be the end of a beautiful relationship in its barely-blooming beginning? Would I have to kiss perfume good-bye???

My friend Sara, I'm sure, exercised great restraint and tolerance during our last shopping trip together. She tactfully found other stuff to covet as we graced perfume counters at Saks, Macy's, l'Occitane, etc. Likewise, I did the same for her at Gymboree, Baby Gap, etc. I think she was glad when the day was over; she has been such a trooper since this new "hobby" has begun.

But my husband? Even if it is Guerlain, I cannot let this come between us.

At home in the powder room, I added, not without some trepidation, my new purchases to my rapidly growing wardrobe. We read together on the couch before retiring to bed around 1. I let the night overtake my worries and we slept. be continued...


  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about this, Jeanie.

    Let me offer you (and everybody else) a ray of hope - something which can get a less fragrance-loving partner "on board" with the hobby, or maybe even a willing participant.

    When you shop for fragrances, make the extra effort and expense of finding some fragrances that both you and your partner enjoy. Maybe even something that your partner enjoys more than you do, and ends up "stealing" from you. Having some of these in your wardrobe, and using them, does wonders.

    Good luck and fingers crossed for you.....

    PS - JIE is awesome stuff, ain't it?
  2. JeanieE's Avatar
    oh no worries! The story turns out ok!
  3. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Whew! That's good! But you sure got my attention!!! I'm definitely looking forward to the resolution of this cliffhanger!
  4. JeanieE's Avatar
    It was a cold! He was getting sick...I caught it later. Sorry no time for anything fancy...starting new job soon and hafta do a bunch of running around....


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