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Why do I like a smell?

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I'm trying to get a psychological grip on what makes people love smells. What is it about a scent that gets people to wear it? Does it bring up a fond memory? Does it lift spirits? Is there a certain note in there that they love? Etc, etc.

Personally, at the moment at least, I don't really analyze a scent all that much. Just smelling something and going "Hey, I like that" is enough to get me to try something.

The determining factor of whether or not I like my SOTDs is how I react to it as the day wears on...*pun indeed intended* :lamex10 :When I am in a lecture class and am feeling a bit tired then I put down my head for a few seconds and I inhale deeply. The smell I get can do a number of different things, re energize me, calm me, or lift my mood etc. Honestly, if a scent does SOMETHING make me other than the next things I am going to list then I see no reason not to like it.

Now, the only reasons I find NOT to like a scent is if it makes me gag or if it instills no reaction at all.

Gag = "I want to get this off me now!" and "I hope people don't think I smell as bad as I do!" Etc.

The other reason to not like a scent is if I get NO reaction at all from it. I really don't see the point of owning a bottle if it cannot do anything for me.

But yeah, there are my rambled thoughts so far on the subject. Maybe they'll change as I mature but I sort of hope they don't. It's really nice to enjoy something as a whole and not nitpick so much...but I guess that is a big aspect of scent that I will have to explore in the future.

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