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Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3: 04/06/08

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Well, well, it's time for another edition of Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3. I appreciate the responses I've gotten on my Blogs, even though most people don't read the blogs posted on this community. So, what I'm going to feature are a few scents I've given an initial wearing so far.

Tom Ford For Men: It's a very classic smelling cologne, to be honest. It's a conservative route to be marketed to department stores like Macy's, Nordstrom's, Sephora, etc. It's a mellow lemony citrus scent by the tune of Dolce & Gabanna Pour Homme and the like. However, the dry down has a warm spicy feel to it and a good amount of depth. For those who wear dress shirts all the time, this is a great everyday scent. As for me, the price tag and the fact that I'm more of a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers type of dude, I'll stick with a sample and wear it once in a blue moon.

Thierry Mugler Ice*Men: I haven't heard much about this, so I had to run a search. I love iced coffee from Peet's (not Starbucks, eh). It opens with a refreshing minty, sorta citrus, scent. It didn't have the bitter chocolate-like opening I usually got with A*Men and B*Men. The dry down isn't exactly the coffee I was looking forward to. I was hoping it was at least a little bit sweet. It was just the bitterness of coffee with no cream. C'mon Thierry, toss me a packet of Sweet n' Low! I was hoping for a latte coffee, but instead I got some old ass cold 7-11 coffee. Pass.

Iceberg Twice: This is a lot of Basenotes members' favorite value pick for a great citrus scent. However, I don't think it's for me. It starts off with a sharp, but nice grapefruit citrus opening. Then it's the dry down that really gets to me. The vanilla is loved by many, but hated by me. Now, don't get me wrong, Le Male (and it's bastard children; 360 White and Cuba Gold), Versace The Dreamer, Bvlgari Black, and Fahrenheit 32 did vanilla right. This one, I don't know. I got some stale, flat, sweet smell. Yeck. I'll pass.

Ralph Lauren Romance Silver: First time I sprayed it on my wrist, eh, I thought it was alright. Second time, I actually wore it. It's pretty nice. The first time I sprayed it was at a Macy's, on my wrist, but this was when I sprayed the original Romance on one arm and this on another. The citrus was a bit too sharp for my taste, I didn't really get too much aquatic about it, just a bit. Then I actually wore it. The citrus actually really nice. Actually, it's not overbearing and sharp, it's a nice refreshing aura. I was wearing it on a warm sunny day, so that also helps. It doesn't smell too cheap either. I'll happily wear this again to get a better assessment. Someone wanted my bottle of B*Men for this, I should have obliged and swapped. Haha.

Calvin Klein Crave: Here's my showdown between two orange titans. CK Crave and Clinque Happy. I acquired a half oz mini of this. They're pretty much the same, except Clinique Happy has better depth because it basically implemented every single orange colored fruit off a tree known to man into it. CK Crave just felt like a slightly sharper, weakened version of Clinique Happy. I still don't mind it, but I thought it was just "aight". I'll wear this from time to time during the summer when I don't know what else to wear.

Dior Higher: After the first wearing, I thought, "Oh wow man, this is a great energetic citrus." The next time I wore it, "This is alright, nothing special." It's about $40 for a bottle of this (if you find the right places or find coupons for online retailers). Thank goodness I didn't plunk down 40 bucks for it when there's cheaper stuff out there that pulls off the same vibe. It's just a light, sharp citrus. There isn't much I can write about other than that. The longevity is okay, I think I got about 5 hours out of this.

Kenneth Cole Black: On me, it's got a good amount of fresh mandarin. Then it settles down with the mandarin and some dark depth was added to it. I can't pinpoint what that is, I believe others have said that's the suede. Either way, it's nice, it's like a Clinique Happy for grown ups (or emos, hahaha). To me, it smells like Clinique Happy's evil twin brother.

That's pretty much it. I still have the following to try out.
Chanel Allure Sport
Hugo Boss Baldesirinni
Narciso Rodriguez For Men
Viktor & Rolf Antidote (I might get a white n' black atomizer to dump my 1/4 oz mini of this)
Marc Jacobs for Men
Comme Des Garcons Synthetic Series: Soda
Comme Des Garcons 2 (the silver bottle)
A couple L'Artisan samples from members I bought something from.

I think I'm done with getting samples. I don't feel like trying anything else, maybe Sean John's Unforgivable. I merely went on this sampling spree to find out where I'm at with scents. I've come to a conclusion that I just need 4 scents in full bottles at the moment. Bvlgari Aqva, L'eau Par Kenzo, 212 for Men (it has the freshness I loved out of CK Euphoria's first half hour and keeps that going all day), John Varvatos (mini is fine, I don't wear it enough to need a large bottle). I don't really need anything else to be honest. I really like where I'm at with my tiny ass collection. I just like youthful, refreshing stuff. Nothing too refined that my peers can't even smell. I'll probably add Bvlgari Black or buy another bottle of John Varvatos when my mini runs out (since I sold it a couple weeks ago, hah) or a mini of Terre D'Hermes (I'm trying to find out what I did like about it, for now, I think it's "okay", but it's VERY different than anything else I have).

Updated 9th April 2008 at 09:21 AM by Hollandaze (Contradicted myself on parts of my review. I added KC Black.)



  1. jayjupes's Avatar
    my gf has varvatos and i just bought her the bulgari aqua.
    i think i'm gonna wind up using most of both, not to mention the brut.
    she can use her super expensive vetiver and bay rum stuff, it's not for me.
    i'll be reading you more as i like your writing and we share some likes thus far.
    Updated 30th December 2009 at 02:42 AM by jayjupes (misspelling)


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