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The Quest For THE Vetiver Cologne Day 3

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Day #3: Fragrance - Hermes Vetiver Tonka
My Ratings: Scent - 9/10. Overall 8/10.

I was worried about this fragrance because of the Tonka note in it. I thought maybe it might make the scent turn a bit too feminine on my skin. I'm happy to report that isn't the case at all. This fragrance really grew on me as the day went on. When I first put it on I was concerned I was about to have more performance issues like Grey Vetiver. And just to be clear, this is not a projection beast. 6-12 inches was about the most it would come off my skin. However, this scent just lingers in the air around me and I constantly caught whiffs of it throughout the day. I've had it on about 7-8hrs now and it's still there. Movement and air do this fragrance good.

The smell is earthy Vetiver but there's something in it that softens it and I do get some green notes. Along with that you definitely can pick up hazelnut in the initial spray as well as some slight floral notes. There's also a creamy and overal natural feel to it. Nothing in this smells synthetic and nothing in it is offensive. As it dries down I lose the hazelnut scent but the overall composition feels very linear as it develops on my skin and I don't notice a huge change. This is not a bad thing as the scent starts off great and stays that way throughout its life. I feel like this scent never strays feminine but it could be worn by a woman easily since there's nothing harsh or bitter in it. I would love it on my wife. It feels perfectly unisex.

Overall I think this fragrance has really helped me hone in on what I like about Vetiver fragrances. While I think the scent is great and I would totally understand someone seeing this as a masterpiece, I did have to lower the overall rating slightly because I think I prefer my vetivers slightly harsh and with some synthetic notes in it. I also think I like my scents with better projection because I do want others to smell it without being pressed against me. Someone who wants a Vetiver that is creamy, natural, non offensive, and that lays closer to your skin but lasts will love this one. I think Hermes had an idea and perfectly executed their idea. Does it line up exactly with what I want? Not completely but when this contest is over I will be testing this one more to see if my taste change. This is the first one that made me start questioning exactly why I like Vetiver. Great, Great, Great.

My Wife's Rating: Scent - 8/10.

She was not feeling well today and I think it influenced her rating some. When she first smelled it she thought it smelled good/ok but then she said, "Wait, let me smell it again. Actually it smells really good." She had trouble picking out notes and picking how much she liked this one compared to others because of how she feels. The one comment she did make that I think will keep her from rating it a perfect score is she wants a cologne that projects better. She said she wants to catch whiffs of it just being near me without me having to ask her to lean in and smell it. So while she thinks the scent is really good/great it didn't catch her attention and make her "notice" it just being in the same room.

Next Fragrance: Cartier - Vetiver Bleu.



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