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CK Euphoria Men

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Damn, and I so wanted to like this one.

Just for a minute it went through a phase of smelling exactly like a gorgeous BPAL I sampled years ago, one of the Zorya fragrances I think, probably a spicy-floral; at that point I was completely convinced I needed a full bottle. An hour on it's drying down into yet another tedious For Men base blend; I'm on the point of washing off, but CK's restraint and the fact it's on the sweeter and more unisex end of masculine is saving it for me. It's also very much a skin scent by now, and I see a lot of complaints abotu longevity with CK fragrances in general.

Time to try girlie Euphoria then, although I recall it being *very* girlie. Explore the wider CK range, maybe; I've always liked their house DNA, although I see that Obsession got tested in my orientals phase and didn't please. Also improve my perfumery education by reading around the notes in it.

Notes to self:

The BPAL zoryas are now discontinued but here's the lists of notes from the Lab's descriptions. Hopefully I can figure out which one Euphoria reminded me of and start the similar-scent hunt. (So far I think it's Vechernyaya).

UTRENNYAYA: The Morning Star - Osmanthus, Damascus rose, violet, delphinium, white mint, palmarosa and white sandalwood.

Review: "In the imp, this is all mint and a bit medicinal. But there's still a softness to it, like the mint has rounded edges. Once on, it starts to warm up and the florals begin to come up with the sandalwood a deeper note behind them. This is interesting -- the mint gives the florals a light, cool, sharpness that seems to float over the warmer sandalwood. It's very clean and just a touch soapy. Refreshing. Not very long lasting on me. It's gone in about two hours and there doesn't seem to be much throw."

VECHERNYAYA: The Evening Star - Three white musks with poppy and patchouli.

Reviews: in the vial: i was expecting something thats and interesting mix between the lightness of the white musk and the darkness of the patchouli. straight out of the vial, this smells like a professionaly blended niche perfume. wet on skin: BPAL patchouli ranges from head shop cheap to tom ford delicious. its not particularly either in this incarnation. this smells *really* yummy and was a nice surprise. dry down: spicy in a way that the notes dont describe. i detect licorice/anise, and a really light and sweet amber. the patchouli never peeks out on its own, and i wouldnt be able to pick it out if it wasnt listed. absolutely lovely. after that, it turns into something thats reminiscent of a lovely mens cologne."

"This is unusual and startling. It's a scent of stark contrasts: the musks are soft and pale, high and bright and cool. The patchouli is earthy, dark, and warm. There's a buzz of something green and sharp, that comes out strongly only once it's on my skin. Either this scent saturates my nose very quickly or it's not long-lived, because it's not all that strong. It does have respectable throw, though – that sharpish musky smell is detectable for quite a distance, it's just not very loud. Up close, there's a gummy, round, rich scent, the poppy, mingling with the ethereal veils of musk. This is a particularly woody patchouli, also, very raw-smelling. I enjoy this. It's very much like watching the stars come out over distant trees. A smell for twilight, for quiet contemplation. There's something a little sad about this scent, as though part of it was left out or left behind."

ZORYA: The Midnight Star: Spices of the Orient mingle with crystalline musk, midnight flowers and cereus, jasmine, primrose and vesper iris.

Review: "Zorya is a heady floral, dense and in your face. It is a cold floral with a midnight chill to it. Jasmine is lush and intoxicating. I don't get any spices, very mild, even if present. Musk is so cold. Cereus is a kind of night blooming cactus which I am not familiar with, so I don't know and can't point it out. But there is a limestone like feeling to it, strange. After sometime, the heady floral blends away into soft powder. It is pleasant, close to the skin and pretty. The harshness is not there anymore."

"In the bottle this is a cool, spicy floral reminiscent of fine designer perfumes, minus the sinus-ravaging topnotes. Lovely. The jasmine is dominant here, and a sleek musk. On, it deepens to a throaty floral with an exotic edge. The musk and spice keep it from being too cerebral and pale, give it just the right soft depth. This is definitely feminine, and sexy in a very contained, reserved way. The throw is sweeter than the close scent, and has a hint of green rose in it . . . intriguing. Up close it's a fairly unsubtle musk and jasmine mix that is nevertheless beguiling and slightly mysterious."

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