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Changing tastes

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I took a 2 year hiatus from posting and discussing fragrances. I tend to obsess over things, and I needed a break. Back then, if you look up old posts of mine containing the word "Creed" I was a hater. I felt that they were over-rated and over-discussed. Funny thing since then I re-tried and bought GIT, AVENTUS, and ROYAL OUD. I'm trying to decide if my tastes changed, or just my attitude. I began thinking about this more, and pulled out all of my collection, and started going through it. There were many which I had gotten rid of, I had stopped liking them for some reason, and sold them. There were some that I still had, but hadn't used in over a year. I re-sniffed, and many I put in the "To Sell" box. What was happening? My tastes must have evolved or changed over time. There are some, like Amouage Tribute, MdO Vetyver, and Montale Cuir d'Arabie that never disappoint me, but why? Rough calculation I have tried over 500 different fragrances. I'd say less than 10% I love enough to buy, or want to buy. About 5% I hated enough to scrub it off, or shower to remove it's horrid scent. The other 85% are like-able, just not enough to want to purchase. What makes something so addicting that I'll spend $200 for it? a few months ago, I found an old atomizer filled with Creed Royal Oud. I remembered buying it, trying it, and thinking it was OK, but over-rated. Upon re-sniffing it, I spritzed it on, and fell in love. I bought a bottle. Our Olfactory sense is one of the most powerful and linked closely to memory and emotion. The smell of your parent's house after being away evokes strong emotion. The smell of your abusive father's cologne still causes pain after many years. Some scents never cease to make us emotional, but others come and go. Maybe I should re-visit some of the fragrances that I gave up on!


  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Good to hear from you!

    I have been taking a bit of a break, too. Hoping to have more time on here soon. I've taken a break from posting, but not from fragrance itself. I still wear something every day, and I try to keep up on the new releases to some extent - especially because I like mainstream designer stuff more than niche. I think I love fragrance as much as ever. You seem like you still have the love!

    You always seemed a bit ambivalent about Creed, but in a good way. It pays to be skeptical of fragrance lemming idols like the Creed brand, while at the same time not having anti-lemming disdain. We need to just sniff the juice and be honest about how we really feel. I have my wife blind-sniff stuff all the time - she just loves the Creeds. I still wear a lot of Creed, Chanel, YSL, and all the rest. A few niche brands peppered in the mix. I do love variety.

    When I get back on here more fully later in the year, I hope to see you around!
  2. Possum-Pie's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. I have mellowed on Creed. I used to be so Anti-Creed b/c people praised them for everything. 2 years ago, you could go to a thread "Best Tar Fragrance" and some fanboy would post, "Well it isn't really tar, but I love Creed Millisime!!!" I got sick of it, and lashed out. I do own several now, but I still shake my head at people swooning over some Creeds that are as generic as stuff bought in Dollar General's bargain bin.
    I am testing some Attars lately. I fear doing this b/c of their huge price tag, but I need a really big new scent to wow me.
  3. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Yeah, the first time I smelled an Amouage rose attar in MiN, I was pretty blown away. I probably could have bought one, but at the time I had already filled my shopping bag, so I just said "someday". Don't think they make that one any more, but there's always the next one! Right now I get huge pleasure out of skilled mainstream masculines, so I'm pretty happy.

    My nose is changing on some of the Creeds, too. I get different notes - take different pleasures than I did back in the day. It's quite enjoyable, actually. Same frag feels like a new one.

    Fragrance is a gift!

    Let's see if the old beer emoji works.....



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