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Raihaan The Oudh Shop

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Since the year 2013, Raihaan The Oudh Shop has been in the business of delivering 100% agar wood products. Oudh is better known as Dhan al Oudh, Gharu , Eaglewood, Aloes wood and by many other native names.
Unlike any other Oudh and Bukhur retailer, Raihaan The Oudh Shop began with a different path, swaying it from the commercial grade fragrances that flood the market today. For Oudh enthusiasts such as us, it has always been a point of focus to refine our products and develop them in a way which brings out their true essence.

While there are several brands that have become the commercial choice, Raihaan The Oudh Shop aspires to bring an array of natural fragrances that stand apart from the ordinary. We believe that nothing comes close to the 100% natural agar wood oil and chips, hence we wish to deliver nothing but the best.

With high demand comes the necessity of cheap alternatives, but even the inferior quality of the agar wood oil & chips could cost you a small fortune. In order to ensure that the customer receives prime grade products, Raihaan The Oudh Shop sources all of the natural agar wood from the forests of India and other tropical forests from all parts of the world. From opening the seal to the last sniff of the agar wood oil and chips aroma, you can rest assured that you are wearing the highest quality of natural fragrance.


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    What is Oudh?
    Oudh is the traditional Arabic name of the incense which is derived from Agarwood. Agarwood is known as Aloes wood in English and by several other names across the regions in which it is naturally found. Agarwood is among the most distinctive and revered forms of natural wood in the world, which has a significant historic and traditional value in several cultures.

    Ever since the ancient times, the resin extract of the Agarwood, which is known as Oudh Oil has been held with prestige. The Agarwood incense has not only been used for several ritualistic practices by civilizations for thousands of years, but has also grown popular in the Middle East.

    Raihaan the Oudh Shop has been established by individuals who are Oudh enthusiasts. We have studied and researched Oudh and know what makes it so special. We are here to help you choose the best Oudh and Oudh products online.

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