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Scented Studio Denver

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Hello Fragrance Fanatics!

I wanted to give you all a breakdown of this awesome place I discovered recently in Denver, Colorado.

It is called Scented Studio

I know that Scented Studio offers a bunch of fun services related to scent. I am not writing this as an advertisement, nor can I really speak intelligently about all of their services, so I will just add the URL here if anyone is interested.

Personally, I took part in their One-On-One Signature Perfume or Cologne Experience and I have to say, it was a real VIP experience!

Here are some details from the site related to my experience, and then I will give you my perspective, as well as a review of the fragrance, I created working along side fragrance specialist Sasha Spitaleri.

• You’ll get one-on-one attention from your very own fragrance specialist

• You’ll customize your very own signature scent at our Oil Table

• You’ll be able to choose from more than 500 fragrant oils and essential oils

• We only use high quality fragrant oils and essential oils

• Our products are free of parabens, sulfates, and and are never tested on animals

• All of our ingredients are made in the USA, with the exception of our beautiful Italian glass bottles


Now that I have given a bit of an introduction, I want to paint the picture of my experience, as well as the fragrance that was the end result.

I actually arrived without expectation from a google map search in which I was trying to expand my awareness of any boutiques or shops that might sell niche and/or indie perfumes in my city. (Maybe some of you are like me, its all about the adventure and the hunt!)

Upon arrival to Scented Studio, I was welcomed by a few SAs to a cozy shop lined with soaps and fragrances on shelves. I was asked how I heard about it, and since I hadn't really, I told them how I came to find them. Through a series of questions, it quick to realize that I was in the company of genuine fragrance enthusiasts like myself. I'm a bit of a collector, and so when they realized that I was not on the hunt for a certain type of fragrance that I like the most, they introduced me to the "Scent Table."

This where the fun really begins. I know there are places like this on-line, and I know that some of the larger market cities have this experience, but to find it here in Denver, and at this quality, and selection of oils is a real treat!

To say that my introduction to the scent table was overwhelming is a bit of an understatement. There a re hundreds of all of our favorite notes organized by category and type, as well as by essential oil and pre mixed accords. I started by picking out notes I love and was amazed to find how many were represented in multiple with slight variation. There were fruits and flowers, woods and spice, musks, vanillas, and tonkas, and really anything you could think to want.

My fragrance specialist, Sasha, who has given me permission to list her by name, was an absolute treasure! A side from being a true professional and steward of the shop she is working for, she also has her own "lab" at home where she is constantly perfecting her own obsessions. She helped me to stay organized in thought and to not feel buried in the possibilities, but to start with 2 things that I was feeling that day and work on connecting them to each other to find their preferred proportions.

I was probably slower than some, but I had wanted to step away from the creation. She wrote down some formula outlines, so we could pick up where we left off the following week. I returned with a plan of approach for a few notes I thought necessary, and she even had been really hoping I would change my mind about a specific fruit I kept trying to force into the mix. She was definitely right, and we eventually came up with something I find truly beautiful.

I love that the formula stays in their database (under a name I picked) in case I'd like to re-order, or even change it a little, they will accommodate.

My custom one-of-a-kind fragrance was composed using:

Black Pepper

Formula strengths are of course my little secret, ha!

Once again a shout out to Sasha for her education and consult through every step in the process, you really helped me make a jem that I love! I have already received multiple unsolicited compliments.

Just a side note, I can even return and have this scent added to bar soaps, body wash, lotions, and so many other luxurious applications!

I hope you enjoyed reading of my experience, and if you're in the area or traveling to Denver, I highly recommend you check them out!

Thanks for reading.




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