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Scent Wardrobe Fall 2017

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This fall, my scent wardrobe: aldehydic florals, weird but easy fragrances, photorealistic fragrances, plus some others.

Covet (SJP) - A kind of sporty middle-weight/lifespan chocolate and geranium for daytime. Weird but not too weird.

Dzing! (L'Artisan Parfumeur) - Sort of the olfactory equivalent of old money clothes-- a pill-y cotton shirt kept in a cottage closet and rarely washed. I can pick out notes (woody, vanillic, musky, suede?) if I try but the bigger abstract picture is more interesting. Eccentric (which is weird but well-coiffed) and quietly confident.

Bat (Zoologist) - Award-winning and with good reason. A delectable banana top note over moist dirt and cosy musks. Intimate sillage, constantly changing, delightful. Casual, pairs with anything.

Arpege (Lanvin, vintage) - Rich, big aldehydic floral with its edges softened by classic basenotes. For weekends or more formal outings.

Magie Noire (Lancome, vintage) - A dry, mean green.

Mechant Loup (L'Artisan Parfumeur, sample) - Herbal, nutty, sort of an indie-alternative cologne. Casual day-off vibes.

MEM (Bogue) - Rich, fruitcake featuring lavender. Deshabille daytime herbal.

Scherrer 2 (Jean-Louis Scherrer) - Green-tinged aldehydic floral. Smells clean and fresh. Good for informational meetings, or other daytime situations requiring a little more olfactory effort.

Seville a L'Aube (L'Artisan Parfumeur, sample) - green wood with a citric tinge. Sickly-sweet in its opening, transparent and dewy throughout. For casual days.

Woodcut (Olympic Orchids) - the straightforward, almost photorealistic scent of an active woodworking shop. In an informal and ongoing poll, people dislike the sharp burnt sugar opening, but enjoy the more subtle sawdust and dry cedar drydown. Almost more of an atmospheric scent than a personal scent, although I've found it lingers pleasantly in sweaters. Incredible longevity.

Maitresse (Agent Provocateur) - Not much to say about it. The bottle is great to look at and hold, and its abstract aldehyde-floral-musky scent is inoffensive and easy. An immediate go-to for going out to the bar.

Halston Z-14 (Halston) - Big Red in a splash bottle. Cheerful, cheap drydown.

Dirt (Demeter) - Another straightforward smell: dry, fine dirt, without the wet beet note of Geosmin or the camphor of Terrasol. Perfect for starting off an evening, but absolutely no longevity.

Fille en Aiguilles (Serge Lutens) - Sweet, dry, resinous pine. Another sweater weather scent, and something I'll likely wear until spring. Comforting, and great for nights in the clubhouse or at outdoor movies.

Vierges et Toreros (ELDO, sample) - big candied floral with a heavy dose of methyl anthranilate. Don't get much leather in testing, but nevertheless a good, flirty going-out fragrance.

Mantra (Pirouette) - Dry and spicy. Not an audience favorite-- a lot of comparisons to Indian food made. For nights at home.

Sotto La Luna: Tuberose (Tauer) - spicy green tuberose with a powder-puff base of patchouli, Telegraph Ave-style. Quiet sillage, medium longevity.

Plum Japanois (Tom Ford)
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  1. chousner's Avatar
    Great list! Have you found any go-to scents for 2018 yet?


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