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The Rising Phoenix Perfumery Sample Impressions Thread

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ctboom, I have a feeling you'll enjoy Rose Musk- arguably the rose scent I've smelled in years.

Today I'm sampling...



Unadorned or (perhaps more accurately) unencumbered by a grocery list of supporting notes, this is a superlative blend featuring (according to official description) vintage Hindi Oud from the 1990s and a traditional Indian amber attar. Now I must confess I'm a newbie when it comes to ouds - I can't tell a Hindi Oud from a Cambodian, a Sumatran from a Laotian, they all smell g(Oud) to me. Anyway who needs a supporting cast when the headliner alone has the star power to mesmerise the audience?

And so mesmerised I was I found it somewhat difficult to track its development. The scent is truly multifaceted, constantly shifting, and shimmering like a well cut jewel even in the shadows. It wears smoothly like the finest of silks, teasingly diffusive and smells like Persian royalty. Probably a good thing I sampled this when I was alone at home because I am convinced I'll get mobbed by all kinds of strangers if I were to wear this outside. Is this the real reason why a Mughal needs bodyguards?

The only downside? The price. 1 tola (12g) for close to USD 800. And I'm crazy enough to think it's bloody worth it, that it even looks like a bargain! A part of me wish I'd never smelled this but the other part feel glad that I did. Now I look at at my wardrobe and wish I'd spent all that money on stuff like this. A bunch of attars will take up far less space, that's for sure.

Skip that vacation. This scent takes you to a different world in a different time altogether.

Btw does anyone here know what is it about the aging process that makes Oud or sandalwood oils smell so much better?



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