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I Discussion of Cologne Made From Mostly Essential Oils vs. Synthetic Musk to Soothe The Musk Wearer

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Do we want to choose a cologne as something for smell or ask the perfumer what the ingredients are to start thinking about the awareness of what we are putting on our bodies to either satisfy our wants or for example the benefit of that maybe the cologne has an ingredient such as basil that will also benefit us in some way ?

Or - I get so many phone calls through the years " Dear, I have a musk that I bought and the label is now rubbed off but i am calling you after the several companies I've called and bought hoping that this will be the wonderful ingredients of the musk I wore in my 20's.

I answer: I will have to send you a sample, I dont want you to have another disappointment. Ingredients have changed through the years of all companies and perfumers tasks to bring you the smells you are thinking and its a very hard job to determine from descriptions on the phone what you are looking for.
The phone chuckles I know I now have several bottles and all are a little off but i am hoping yours will be the one !

After my 25 years of wholesaling body oil, cologne that i handicraft , or mixing essential oils that end up as a vat for dipping incense in so they dont get wasted because of marketing problems . Someone will have a scent in a rather lower grade form than that of a well marketed cologne in an expensive bottle design and box.

I found a niche for not wasting a drop of my essences and passing them on for all to enjoy in a different market.

But I do have a handful of successful formulas that satisfy the aura to help person re-live memories of wearing certain fragrances of when they were at a wonderful memory and thats what makes the fragrance subject a happy one !
What do you think people mostly seek beneficial ingredients as spicy is or flowery is my thing they tend to say ?
Or - Looking for that fragrance where if they smelled it again they would enjoy their past memories ?
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