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DIY Suppliers List

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Ok, I promised to add some of my sources once I got off the road. Had a very trying but successful weekend. We lost a very good friend in a tragic accident. The concert for Helping Hands children’s charities benefit we played for was a success though.
Ok here is my growing suppliers list. If I have questions about one I will not add it.
Essential Oils.
Above ~~ This company has every essential oil used or mentioned in The Bible as well as neat stories about each.
Above~~ This is one of my favorite companies so far. They cheerfully will answer your questions when you call them and will give great advice. They also offer wholesale.
Above ~~ Here is another great source. Most of my supplier sell wholesale and this company certifies their essential oils as pure unless otherwise noted.
Here is Mountain Rose Herbs again. I re-added it since they are a favorite.
Here’s one company that looks promising though I have not used them yet. I have used their information on each oil in my studies because the medical and descriptions seem accurate though they state not FDA certified. It states on their web sight that they use100% pure unadulterated essential oils. They look promising.
Above~~ Here’s another great company with a lot of muscle. The reason I say that is their essential oil is backed by GS (Gas Chromatography) lab test and strict ISO. (international Standards Organization) regulations to insure the highest quality oils. That is the type company I like doing business with.

Above: Here is a company that makes distillers and steals! I recommend the copper instead of steel! You can distill your on oils or make your own alcohol several gallons at a time.. It will last a lifetime. It is legal in Texas with the proper license. Most states are.

Lab supplies
Below~~ Here’s a great source for equipment to set up a lab. Great prices too.
volumetric flask are less expensive on one sight where as the Erlenmeyer flasks
are less expansive on the other. Personally like CoCo Chanel I prefer the volumetric flask
Hope this helps someone like kantofox who are looking for hard to find things.
Most of these ship world wide I think.



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