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Marilyn Manson Louisville Palace

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Ah, sweet memories. The crowd for Marilyn was quite a bit younger that the one for Adam Ant, and a lot more naked. Shirts were unusual--for example, missing the front six inches but still connected with chains. Mid boob on display. The transvestites were very tall to still be wearing 5inch spike heels--but I could see that spike heels were necessary with the fishnets, garters, and minis, to complete the look. There was a lot of black leather and cherry red hair. I would have liked to have taken some pictures but I felt it would have been rude and possibly fatal.

I spoke to a nice girl in a black corset at the ladies lounge mirrors to say "I dressed up like that for Adam Ant" and so naturally she turned to smile at me. "Well, not exactly like that." There was no more top in front than back--just a two inch mesh that couldn't contain a golf ball. It really couldn't contain the duct taped X's on a pair of G-cups. She obligingly bounced on her toes to give me the full action shot. I laughed and told her she was beautiful. She mentioned "liquid courage." That was my first hug and kiss of the evening. Just to get me warmed up.

My sister had four trial days the next week and begged off. A bit of a relief, really. I had a empty seat next to me--front row balcony and after I proved I was going to be a dancer, no surprise it was soon filled with a dance partner. We had an extremely brisk courtship. 'Is this okay?' to take the seat. Yes, Spontaneous arm then hand grab--but I'd been dancing and was slightly sweaty--I wriggled around and managed to slip out two fingers but had to use my left hand to help pull out the rest. A quick arm around the neck to speak directly into my ear (Marilyn is a bit loud) to give a name and ask for mine. "They both start with a P! We're friends, now." Kiss number two. "When's your birthday" Month and day didn't get the proper info, even though I said I was a Libra. The follow up was "I went here for college and graduated in xxxx." And so I gave my stats. Quite a bit older than you, I say. "Where are you from?" Nashville. "Yeah, I'm from here." "Did you come by yourself?" More dancing, more chats, more hugs, more kisses, and "I love you!" Left to return to friends, but soon " I came back!" Hug, kiss. Frankly, I lost count. I'm sitting by now, a bit bemused, but not for long since it's finale time and I'm cheerfully pulled up. I got another big hug and I love you to say good-bye. Ah, sweet memories.

How many drinks does this behavior require? It doesn't really matter; I can't claim I really minded. It's good to be huggable, kissable, lovable. I'm going to miss Phoebe. She was hot.



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