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Sampling in NYC!

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Welp, it was my first time in NYC where I was able to try samples. Goddamn was it overwhelming. I was on my way to Bergdorf Goodman since that one sounded huge and neat. On, what I thought was the way there, I passed the same building 2-3 times so I'd figured I'd go to Saks first.. and then find out how to get to the wormhole of the universe that is Bergdorf Goodman. I wasn't really prepared for what I was about to find. They have whole counters.. dedicated to one brand? Every Bond? Every Acqua di Parma? Every Guerlain? They even had this one brand named Creed who had a big selection. It was craziness I tell you. Pure madness. I ended up only getting to try the ones I had on my list for awhile since they didn't have beds to sleep in for the possible over night samplers like myself.

Narciso Rodriguez Musc Oil was a winner. I thought the berries would make it quite a bit different but not too much. I'd probably get it if it wasn't so expensive But ah well. I got to try Creed's new fragrance Aventus. You may have heard of it? I was really surprised by how much I liked it. It was very well made but it wasn't beating home the fact that it's a niche fragrance and that I'm a lowly scentnoob. Unfortunately it was a pre-sprayed card so it wasn't very strong. The same story with VIW which I also quite enjoyed. I was having quite the time but it seemed like people were.. maybe not looking down on me but they didn't peg me to be the type who were really interested in fragrance or had the money to buy anything. Sure, I couldn't afford their $500 sweaters but their fragrances? "Kind lady of the Creed counter.. do you have any idea who you deal with? I am sir Beers of Kunkletown, Pennsylvania". Maybe that wouldn't have gone over well...

But I was very comfortable at the Bond counter with my flip flops and graveyard T-shirt. I could have probably picked something better but my pinstripe shorts were pretty fly We made small talk and such but I was mainly there for New Haarlem.. seeing as it will soon be cold again. They sprayed the hell out of the card, then once on the back of my hand, then once on the wrist. I'm not used to that but hey! These people are professionals. They're not like those faux fragrance fanatic SAs back in Pennsylavanialand. But then the "professional fragrance sniffer" pulled my arm in to see what it smelled like on my wrist. Imagine that job eh Guess what? The lady who professionally smells the fragrances she sells for a living.. LIKED it. I was really quite shocked. She said "ohh that's nice". Jesus. I could do better than that. But I really enjoyed it. The coffee was great and the creamy drydown? Oh damn. You best believe I'm getting it!

Overall it was a great trip. It was a bit rainy off and on which made the marble sections of the sidewalk quite slippery. I almost died a couple times because of that. As it turns out flip flops don't have the greatest traction. And ya know.. being the hunk I am I caught numerous glances. You all know how that is. BN is filled with sex magnets. I hear we're too sexy for the actual site itself. I know I am. I think I'm to sexy for this blog too so.. until later BN frandz.


  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar

    Great post! Hey, maybe it was the Bond, or maybe just sniffing Aventus on the card, but I imagine your knowledge impressed them either way! Sounds like you had a great time. NYC is just awesome, and I do hope to visit those specific places, too, someday.

    Very cool - thanks for the fun report. I really enjoyed that!
  2. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    Thanks Red


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