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Coming to Giorgio afresh as it were, after thirty odd years, it still smells surprisingly good. A happy-go-lucky, fruity tuberose, laughing in your face like perfumery had at last been liberated from the dreadful worthiness of all those Seventies chypres. It's time to have some fun shouts Giorgio, fling back those curtains - let that golden sunlight come pouring in; spritz on some of that giant yellow songbird and play!

It could only have been conceived of in California, the Sunshine State. Try as you might this isn't a foggy rainy day scent; no one in Paris or London, or even New York would ever have thought of pairing a huge tuberose bouquet with a note of pineapple and a bright yellow-smelling Schiff base.

As well as Giorgio's brilliant novelty the other factor in this success story is success itself, or rather financial affluence. Giorgio appeared at a turning point, when the massive social and economic changes unleashed by Reaganomics and Thatcherism lead to a much wider gap between the Haves and an increasingly large number of Have Nots. The Eighties was the time of the Yuppie, a nouveau riche phenomenon created in large part by the financial Big Bang - when London's Stock Exchange (and also in due course the rest of the financial world) was effectively given license to run wild.

Today, along with Poison and all the other cronies, it's possible to see Giorgio as perfumery's Big Bang; an expression of animal spirits - as Maynard Keynes described avaristic excitement. Eighties fumes were a loud and insouciant cry of "I'm alright Jack, and Devil take the hindmost!" Giorgio may not have been intended as such but it became the first olfactory sound track of conspicuous consumption. For those who believed in the ethos of the day that 'greed is good', what better perfume could there have been than the shining golden radiance of Giorgio?

Giorgio's bright feelgood tune was not only a loud brassy melody, it was perfect for the era.

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