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How to rate the Carmen Miranda Hat by Balenciaga?

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Like Carmen Miranda's hat, Balenciaga's Le Dix (1947) is a remarkable creation but it couldn't be more out of fashion. (Indeed, as a stage adornment her hat was never meant to be a piece of street fashion but a theatrical prop.)

Le Dix is an excellent perfume that develops the archaic fruity floral style of Caron's Colony (1938) to great advantage - and so would be of interest to historically minded parfumista's - but this sort of thing is so out of date it's impossible to imagine anyone actually wearing such a wonderfully exotic Carmen Miranda Hat of a creamy-soft and fruity spicy floral.

How does one come to a value judgement on something like this?

Do you rate it on some objective notion of quality - whatever that may be - material quality and fineness of construction perhaps?

Do you empirically assess its effectiveness as personal adornment?

Do you give a subjective score based on how much you like it?

How do you rate a perfume that doesn't speak your language?

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