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celia tarquin

NEW: Memo - Eau De Memo!

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Eau de Memo: A scent in a sublime ivory hued bottle, it is the work of a sorceress and a perfume of palimpsests the layers take hours to resonate ; not until I go to bed can I just winkle out the jasmine its so elusive. memo says its oriental ; fougere to me, damp foliage, brittle, cold moss, especially the bitter green tea element , bergamot breezes in, later zephers of lemon zest float by, leather notes linger then vanish, hours pass and the buttery iris appears with saffron. The musk does not appear and the iris like the fairies mid wife flutters through your dreams her wings may have a trace of musk.
Eau is mercurial quick silver now you scent it now you don't



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