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The Ol' Factory - One Guy's Scent Journey

The Ol' Factory

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Well, this is my first ever blog. I've always considered them self-indulgent and usually not very interesting. Mine will not be any different.

But as an average guy navigating the big, bad world of fragrance, I thought my experiences might be at least worth putting down. That's a big assumption . But welcome and enjoy!

After an initial foray into fragrances in my teens and twenties, I stopped using them when I could no longer find Jil Sander's Feeling Man - the last cologne that worked well for me and fit my personality. It had taken years to find it and, all to quickly, it was gone. A few, half-hearted attempts to find a replacement were my last attempts at fragrance.

Then, in October of 2007, I rediscovered DE shaving (i.e., shaving with a safety [or straight] razor that uses a razor blade, shaving soap, brush, etc. - a pampering routine that I highly recommend). That discovery re-introduced the world of fragrance. The variety of shaving soaps and creams have a tremendous range of fragrances (violets, limes, patchouli, lavender,vetiver, bay rum, pine, Christmas, sandalwood, Umbrian forest, nutmeg and a variety of other complex scents and nearly as numerous as colognes) opened my nose to something that had been missing in my daily routine.

Those wonderful soaps and creams pulled me, tentatively at first, back into the world of fragrance. Some of the finer houses forgentlemen's shaving products also have reputations regarding gentlemen's fragrances. I played with Floris (JF, Cefiro, and Vetiver). I dabbled in Penhaligon's wonderfully complex and rich range of fragrances. Fragrance products from Truefitt & Hill and from Trumper's found their way into my ever-shrinking medicine chest. Trumper's Extract of Limes Aftershave is a refreshing, clean finish to both end my shave and start the day. It is a marvelous lime/citrus scent which, alas, is short lived.

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