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Wild Gardener

Un pays de sauvages

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Taking to the air, we scent the gardens of Sicily ... cedrat and mandarin,
and wild flowers that strew the rocky slopes.

And then, in a wing beat, we're over the high peaks and into the mountains
where wild grown lavender and herbs are found,
and we breathe in the rough bark moss
and soft rose de mai, narcisse.

Where does this warm base come from? so deep and so lightly floral?
nobody knows. Only, it's a land of goats,
and looks like a country of savages.

Translated from a text attributed to Edmond Roudnitska, June 1966

Reproduced in:

La fabuleuse histoire de l'eau de Cologne
Edited by Jean-Claude Ellena, Jeanne Doré and Marion Salort
Nez culture , Musée international de la parfumerie

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