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Andron has been resurrected!

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I gave up on finding my favorite 80s fragrances years ago, but a recent blind buy has returned Andron to me. I hope others who loved it get to use it again.
I purchased a bottle of Charm Fresh Breeze Aroma by Bioaqua on Amazon, and have been transported to 1982, just like Uncle Rico!

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  1. jennywasko's Avatar
    I too love 80s scents. When I was in high school in the 80s my favorite was Poison. The real Poison perfume. When I started getting back into perfumes lately I tried the current version and it is so different that it should not even be marketed as Poison.

    Since then, I have found that I have to go to ebay to find vintage and even with that, it does not always work out. The prices are unreal. I also loved Stella Rose Absolute Intense and now the reformulation of Stella lasts for 5 minutes on my skin AND doesn't even smell the same as it once did at all. I have since been on a mission to find something that smells just like SRA with longevity. Another 80s fragrance that I wore was Eternity. The Eternity for women of today is also nothing like the original.

    I am no expert by any means but I have read that the reformulations were demanded because so many people were allergic to the ingredients and those people protested for reformulations successfully. That is just awful. If one finds they are allergic, just don't wear it. lol


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