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Layering with Bal a Versailles

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I just blind-bought a mini of BaV at a junk/antiques/curios shop. I loved the fragrance, and was amazed by its legendary longevity. Then, I started experimenting with layering. I started with Jazz, because I think it is a related fragrance. The result was impressive, the two frags fitting together to make something bigger than both. I was not surprised to find it was lingering on my arm for most of the next day. Then, I decided to try another YSL, Opium pour Homme. This didn't work nearly as well. In fact, the BaV brought out a note in the Opium that I had not noticed before, the kind of raw funky something that is what I don't like about Xeryus Rouge. That didn't last long, and I still appreciate Opium, but I felt the combination didn't work very well. However, the next day, the lingering impression on my arm was much more like Opium than BaV, contrary to expectations. After that finally wore off, I decided to experiment with Lutens Fille en Aiguilles. I sprayed my arm, and then used a toothpick to spread microdrops of BaV on top. I repeated the microdrops at intervals of a few minutes until BaV was just beginning to become noticeable. I stopped at that point. It seemed to deepen and strengthen FeA. The next day, the lingering scent of FeA was still there nearly 18 hours later. It seems BaV can extend the life of other fragrances! Is this possible? I have noticed this effect to some extent with Jicky and L'Heure Bleu, although these are much more closely related to BaV. So I will continue to experiment layering with other fav scents. Wish me luck, and does your mileage vary?


  1. Jean Desprez's Avatar
    That is a very interesting observation. The new Jean Desprez fragrance (creator of Bal a Versailles) is being developed with layering in mind. It comes out the first quarter of 2011. The website will have more info. They also have a miniature promo at the moment on Bal a Versailles.


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