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Sampling time!

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Now that I've fallen into money, I'll be purchasing a few samples and a few bottles! Does anyone know a good place to get Serge Lutens samples? I know of The Perfumed Court, but they're charging $7 for 1ml and an additional $6 for shipping. That just seems extraordinarily expensive for 1ml. I wanna sample a few others, but I doubt I'll be able to find them (Midnight in Paris, Aventus). Oh how I wished I'd lived in a bigger city


  1. fsface's Avatar
    Well, if you've fallen into money, who cares about $13 for a Serge Lutens sample shipped to your door? You're rich now! Go for it!
  2. Francop's Avatar
    Try,, and you shall find what you are looking for; be patient and check daily but you shall find something of your liking...let me know how you get on...Francop
  3. Kalynne's Avatar
    Luckyscent has samples for $3. They're also a good resource with reviews.


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