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Oh hai BN! I've been doing quite a bit of purchasing lately! Lots of success! A 10ml decant of Guerlain's SDV, a sample of Dior Homme Intense (haven't gotten yet), 4 samples of Noir de Noir, a sample of Costume National 21, a sample of Brooklyn, and 2 100ml bottles of By Man.

I've tried SDV and By Man before, so I already knew of their amazingness. I'd also smelled Noir de Noir on a card, and was intrigued, but needed to try it on skin. The only failure of the lot goes to Brooklyn. Boooooring. I should have just let the house keep their dignity and stick to New Haarlem, but there's just a few others I wanna try. Noir de Noir completely blew me away. Just unbelievable. I get a huge blast of rose with a bit of saffron and for some reason, I get some sort of booziness. I'm a noobie though, so it could just be coming from an unfamiliar note. Then as it dries down you get the vanilla, patchouli, oud wood, and tree moss all coming together to soften the rose, black truffle, and saffron. At first I thought Tobacco Vanille was the winner, but this beat the hell out of TV. It's so gorgeous and it really does feel dark. Our friend Luca gives it 4 stars, which makes me feel good. It may be a purchase!

Costume National 21 really surprised me. Right out of the sample I thought, hmmm this pleases me. I didn't get much from it, so I knew I had to wear it. That's just what I did! It combines facets of creaminess, florals, woods, incense, and spices with just a wee bit of citrus up top. This would be my first "creamy" fragrance, and wow. Definitely sets the bar high for this sort of frag. This one, is definitely a purchase.

I've been doing good so far! Before it gets too far into winter I'll be purchasing L'instant Extreme and also New Haarlem. I'll be the best smelling man this side o' the Delaware.


  1. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    This morning I could still get wafts of By Man! Pretty insane longevity!
  2. Surfacing's Avatar
    2 bottles of By Man ? What are you, part of the Mafia You must have a good source here. I bought a sample, but for some reason I feel it was "off". It was just a sweet smelling scent with mild powder and poor strength. I'll have to check some other place out.

    Noir de Noir is something I should have sampled by now. Its got rose ! I have been searching for a rose forever (forever = the last 7 months). It sounds a bit like Lyric Man because of the saffran. Come to think of it, I think Washington Tremlett's Black Tie is a rose masculine with a saffran note. But the saffran is kind of stronger that Lyric Man. Anyways, your Noir de Noir experience sounded good and makes me look forward to trying this Tom Ford scent.

    Costume National 21 is a pretty well made scent. I like it a bit better that Scent Intense, but the florals make me feel it is hard to pull off. Or rather, I am just not warming up to this scent. You got it right when you said creamy, however. Overall, a good scent.

    I give your blog entry a thumbs up . Thanks for sharing the details of your latest sampling journy CC.
  3. CanwllCorfe's Avatar
    Why thank you! I try and explain myself the best I can. Definitely still a learning experience.

    Oh and I got a third bottle of By Man I got them all from eBay. I made sure they were both white under the cap. A lot of the people I messaged on there said it was black, so unfortunately there's a LOT of fakes.


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