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Patent Pending...Indefinitely?

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Having finally perfected, well, at least "finished" a formula with which I am satisfied enough to submit to industry, I received an email from the atty saying they could not copyright my submission. Anyone else with any advice on this matter? I've researched it, and looks as though a fragrance CAN be copyrighted ever since the Supreme Court ruled circa 2006 in favor of Lancome who claimed that another co. copied their recipe for Tresor. Meanwhile, I pace the halls awaiting shipping confirmation notice from the retail chain I've targeted to market my precious potion....

I sent articles re: the Lancome case to the law firm; if that doesn't work, should I get another opinion? Darn, I knew I shoulda gone for that online JD!!

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  1. pawful's Avatar
    Ha I'm no legal expert but I *briefly* researched this for you... it seems as though it was the Dutch supreme court and not in the US... and if it sets a precedent, it would be used by the huge international companies to prevent others from "copying" their formulas. Also they would be the only ones with the funds that could mount a lawsuit to claim copyright infringement! You can protect your intellectual property by not providing an ingredients list to potential producers.


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