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Name 3 Perfumes that Changed Your Life...and Why?

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There have been many Perfume Catalyst / Milestones for me but today these are the three that loom most prominent in my mind...:

CDG EDP (the original) - A gift to my younger self at a time when I had nothing... not even a sense of self. That this person saw such fantastic qualities in me and picked a scent that was all I wished to be (original, unique, unforgettable) just blew my mind. I was too young and emotionally brittle to wear it well then but it is one that I will always have. It gave me so much at a time when I had virtually nothing.
Gres Cabochard parfum (vintage) - When I discovered this I came very close to understanding and appreciating how some souls can fall in love with a scent and forsake all others. Experiencing this scent is always like speaking to my higher Self in medition / prayer. It is the breath of my very soul. I still adore even when I am drooling over others.

Guerlain Vol de Nuit (50+ vintage) - I have forgotten her name but the sweetest soul ever sent me a vial of this soon after I had discovered and fallen in love with the more modern EDT. Another soul scent, this blew me away because it was so not how I perceived myself perfumewise... yet it is perfect for me. I don't know how or why it works for me... all I know is that I am my happiest, most peaceful, feminine and assured as long as it is around... much like my beloved husband. So it seemed fortuitous that this arrived just in time for my wedding and right to wear this on the day. My husband adored it gifting me a bottle of the vintage extrait for my first anniversary. Vol de Nuit may be a night flight but the darkness is safe, comforting, velvety and redolent with the potential for anything. For many others it may be old fashioned, passe, obsolete, unrelevant to todays more youth oriented scent wearer. But for me it heralded the beginning of the safest, most authentic, truest, happiest stage of my life so far... with so much more wonderful things to come.

So... Which three scents changed your life... and why? Please share.


  1. moondeva's Avatar
    Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

    Oooh, nice to hear that you are a classics lover also. Guerlain Nahema is an amazing rose! I have the parfum and really need to get wearing it in this perfect autumnal weather.
  2. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    I actually just blogged on how one I thought was me at the time has ceased to be, as I have made new connections.

    But the three that changed my life....
    #1 is Hypnotic Poison. My life was a tumultuous mess when I first discovered this one. I loved it, and never wore it because I loved it. I wore perfumes that were decidedly un-me-like, instead. Rediscovering it seven years later was a "What took you so long?" experience.

    #2 is Chanel No. 22 (exclusifs edt). This must have been how I discovered BN, searching around on the internet for anything I could possibly find on this elusive number. When I first got to sample it... let me tell you about high expectations completely surpassed! I seriously had that giddy, high on the scent feeling all day. When I wear it now, I feel nothing but enjoyment of its resplendence and elegance.

    #3 is Tabac Blond (current edp). Not only did the leather and tobacco notes turn everything I knew about perfume up to that point on its ear, it graciously melted seamlessly into my skin. So it is me in how physically fitting it is with my chemistry (and my husband loves it) but also how it makes me feel. Or not feel. I'm not sure. It is not beautiful and it is not for everyone. But it is right as rain on me. I'm completely comfortable in it, regardless of clothing, company, or season.
  3. jayjupes's Avatar
    white shoulders on my black grandma's dresser
    tresor because, although i think it's horrible, i had fun making fun of their marketing push
    dolce vita was the first one i bought myself

    i only have white shoulders anymore
  4. Whitefluffy's Avatar
    I was really moved by your "3 Perfumes..." story, particularly by Vol de Nuit. I also have a fragrance that is very special to me and my husband; it kind of embodies our relationship. We didn't have an official wedding yet, though we were married for six years. But when we do I will most certainly wear it, I always do on our anniversary. It was also his first and most romantic gift to me. I related to your "Vol de Nuit" story. The name of mine is "2000 et une Rose" by Lancome.

    There are two more that are very special to me, I think I have finally found my HG fragrance. Would love to hear more from you


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