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Swan Song

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Today something sort of big in my little perfume world happened; I made the decision to cut loose Tocade. It's not the first downsize I've made, but it is the biggest.

At the beginning of summer I decided to do some streamlining, as I wasn't excited about much of my summer wardrobe and couldn't justify fluffing it up when I had over-half full bottles of stuff I liked but did not love lying around. So I went after the fruits of last summer's vintage bender and sent some obscure minis I'd lost interest in, a beat-up bottle of Bellodgia edc, and all but 5 mls of Infini packing.
Then I looked at a pre BN purchase I was only lukewarm about, and one I once really liked but now felt I had grown out of, and gave them to better homes. (Goodbye, Gap Heaven and Ralph.) I set out to use up a couple more that I couldn't give up just yet but had either become redundant or just not quite as... interesting. (So long, Chance and Maja.) And Tocade stayed, in the back of the drawer,and in the back of my mind, too.

Tocade was one of my very first BN purchases. I remember sampling it for the first time on a cold February afternoon and being fascinated with its borderline over-the-top burnt sugariness. It was the most elegant sweet perfume I had tried, and with its slight identity crisis (is it a floral, or is it a gourmand?) it felt inherently 'me.' It lacked the drop-dead euphoric beauty of Chanel No. 22, and it certainly was no sexy leather Tabac Blond badass, but its quirky tenacity elevated it to "I'd take it with me to a deserted island" status. We had a connection, Tocade and me. It was accessible, too. I picked up a bottle at the local TJ Maxx for $19.99 and happily wore it even as I pined for two I would have to wait a while for.
The cooler months passed and summer came and went, and I had since fallen hard for Tabu and Alien. And with my long-awaited additions of full bottles of Tabac Blond and 22 to my wardrobe, I felt I was fully developing my fume identity. That identity was leaving less and less room for Tocade. The borderline sweetness became over-the top, and its clean, linear and loud nature became a little bit... boring.

I didn't wear Tocade much over that next winter. It lost major skin time as soon as I received my bottle of 22. I would periodically sniff Tocade's atomizer and know it would never regain its top-5 status. But there was this nostalgia.
It's not my thing, though, keeping stuff I'm not going to use, and after a while I realized Tocade isn't as much me as I had once thought. As I experienced more, I found better connections. I developed existing connections, and with Tocade... well, I lost interest.

So goodbye, old friend, you were a big, and important, part of my journey. And I know that, should I change my mind, you're just 15 minutes and $19.99 away.


  1. telecaster's Avatar
    Great blog L! I have a few from my own wardrobe that soon will make the cut list also! They can be hard to let go can't they? New fragrances have pushed me further and further away from others... new samples bring new directions and ultimately new favorites. Of course some will always be part of my wardrobe like, Terre D'Hermes Parfum, Rochas Man, Dior Homme, By Man and Guerlain Vetiver amongst others. I find it hard to narrow my selections down. I love many of them yet can't always find the occasion to wear them as often as I would hope. What I have begun to do is split my fumes into two rotations... one's I wear to work and spring/summer types and heavier orientals for fall, winter and special occasions. I would assume this to be typical of many basenoters. Of course, many also wear anything at anytime, anywhere! I like the latter approach, but for now its 6 mos. with one rotation and 5-6 with the others.
    Here's to streamlining.... I think :-)
  2. Aiona's Avatar
    Yep, I feel a pruning coming on, too! I love your posts, Sunnyfunny!


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