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I felt this sudden pang of longing for early spring, that smell of snow melting, damp soil, cold, crisp air and last year's grass all wet, longing for early spring and wearing Le Temps d'Une Fête.

There is a part of fall that is akin to early spring, the same sharpness in the air, the same smell of earth and similar flowers, too - late fall-blooming bulbs like colchicums, autumn crocus, even autumn snowdrops. I should probably have a go at Le Temps d'Une Fête one day, when the weather is fine; perhaps tomorrow, when I will be visiting a family grave with my brother to light candles.

Right, and I had my wish; I have a fragrance with a prominent ink note in the cold, unearthly beauty of M/Mink by Byredo, an inky, honeyed incense with animalic undertones. It is both cold and animalic, which feels like a contradiction in terms but somehow works beautifully. I think of fur and apparently, I'm not the only one - fur and ink in the dead of winter, which means that I have no less than two fragrances that put me in mind of winter, snow and fur, M/Mink and Chanel N°5. But while N°5 evokes the tactile qualities and luxury of fur, the soft, smooth, white and cold surface of an ermine stole, and the warmth underneath it, parts of M/Mink actually smell like the ermine stole, and perhaps the live ermine, too; furry, acrid, alive.

I keep telling myself that it's all suggestion, but once the idea is there I don't know that it matters if it is - I rather like it. I love my inky, furry m/mink.


  1. Habanitta's Avatar
    "Cold and animalic" - now that's interesting! Thanks for the beautiful article - it makes me want to buy both M/Mink and Chanel :smiley:
  2. Pimpinett's Avatar
    Thank you, that's wonderful to hear!


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