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3,000 gallons of perfume

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In the next few days we'll be rolling out updated wardrobes, reviews and directory pages. The last time I did this, it gave me the chance to have a look through the wardrobes and see how many bottles of fragrances we owned between us. That was almost three years ago, and between us we had 93,224 bottles of fragrances.

Just out of curiosity, I thought I'd have a look and see how many bottles we have between us now (this is just counting people's 'owned' bottles in their wardrobes, so if you don't have a wardrobe, I've not counted you -sorry). And it's now 221,644. If we all have about 50ml left in our bottles thats just under 3,000 gallons of juice!

I think we might have a counter on the front page, and each time someone buys a bottle, we'll add one.


  1. elmsyrup's Avatar
    That's a really sweet idea
  2. wsamuelm78's Avatar
    Wow - I never thought of my fragrances poured into a single container. I must have around 1/3 gallon! Is that wholly unnecessary? Maybe I'll give some bottles to my brother...

    And I, too, like the idea of a bottle counter.


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