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I quit smoking!

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So, I quit smoking about 2 months ago now. I miss smoking, it was fun. Smoking was fun but stinky. I figured, aside from my health, Dear God I will drop 200 bucks on a bottle of EdP and then dust it with stale tobacco smoke. What am I thinking? Interestingly, before I quit smoking I would apparently way over-apply frag and not even know it, I guess from a desensitized sense of smell. Literally I have sprayed 5 sprays of A&F Fierce, Green Irish Tweed and the worst Diesel Only the Brave to my person. Not all at the same time, mind you. That may be the scent of Hell. But seperately - what was going on?!! Now even two sprays of some of these frags seems a little strong. I hope my coworkers/the general public can forgive me for assaulting their noses and even taste buds with my sillage. I truly am sorry. Or maybe I should just be proud and blast everyone like I have been for the past 5 years. But if I am going to be the "cologne guy" I would at least like to know it.


  1. ECaruthers's Avatar
    Well done and good your you! You may also notice other people's fragrances much more than you have in the past. And maybe the frag's for yourself will evolve.
  2. kpointer101's Avatar
    I am impressed with how much longer scents seem to last throughout the day.
  3. Nanook's Avatar
    Congratulations! It does get easier, as I'm sure you've noticed by now. I'm coming up on my 1 year "smobriety" date on 12/4 and I still want, not crave, a cigarette every so often. Much better than it was in the first month or so.

    And I now realize how much I stank, smelling other smokers coming back from their smoke breaks. I use that as inspiration. I want to be a pleasure to be around, smelling good, not a smelly thing people pull back from.
  4. 's Avatar
    You won't regret your decision to quit. I smoked for 23 years and quit 13 years ago and am very glad I did. I just put down the pack and never went back. I find it hard to be around groups that smoke. I recently went to a birthday party where most of the attendees were smokers. I spent one solid week smelling nothing but cigarette smoke. Funny how that situation wouldn't have bother me before. You're right, fragrances are much better when not experienced through the smell of a smoker. Good luck and stick to it.
  5. 's Avatar
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  6. Kal's Avatar
    I quit smoking when I had my kids - roughly 5 years ago. After almost 30 years of smoking I'm surprised at how easy it really was. All I needed was a good reason.
    I have since changed my entire perfume wardrobe but can tell you that all Sophia Grosjman creations ABSORB bad smells without reflecting them back - which makes me think she must be a 3-pack-a-day-er. So as long as you had a few of those in your collection, as I did, then you may not have offended people as badly as you think. Heee!
    No need to be sorry for your past, well done on quitting and have fun discovering new scents!
  7. meta's Avatar
    haha this blog post made me smile The cologn guy isn't so bad, it's better than the ultra wreaking stinky guy who doesn't wear any. As for quitting smoking - what the others said, well done and all of that juju.

    I feel terrible that sometimes I'd sample my own perfumes for fun and then right afterwards have a cig. Terrible business.

    But alas - I'm proud of you stranger!


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