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"Unusual" Sunday Scents

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Another repost from the earlier blogs:

For a while now, I've been wearing mostly Guerlain scents on Sunday, and more often recently, they've been scents that are usually classed as women's fragrances.

Now I'm not a firm believer in making a great divide between the types of scents that are masculine or feminine; it seems to me that tastes have been merging a good deal in recent years. A lot of women seem to be losing interest in very sweet, floral scents; and at the same time, more and more floral notes are creeping into fragrances marketed to men. Personally, I have my favorites among both camps.

The thing that puzzles me, though, is: Why am I falling into the habit of wearing these types of scents on Sunday?

Well, for one thing, Sunday is the one day I never go to the gym. I guess that means I don't have to worry about what the athletic types will think of another athletic type wearing "deviant" scents. Also, Sunday is a day when I don't go to work, so no worries about coworkers' impressions either. Even so, I have sometimes worn some rather floral scents there, and even had compliments on them.

But Sunday... Sunday is the day that I sing in the choir at the local Episcopal church. People there, both men and women, occasionally remark on the scent I'm wearing, and if they do, it's always to compliment it. Strangely enough, though I'm sure some of the women recognize Chamade or Parure or Nahéma or L'Heure Bleue or Vol de Nuit, nobody ever seems to think it's strange for a big guy like me to be wearing them... or that it would be strange they should express their admiration of the effect of my wearing them.

Of course, San Francisco is a rather tolerant and cosmopolitan city, and I'm sure in another place, the reactions might be quite different... but here, it's cool to wear whatever I want to wear, and it's cool for people to say it's beautiful.

And you know, that's really beautiful.

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  1. m.m.angel's Avatar
    If it works for you, nothing else matters. I prefer a more masculine scent on my husband such as Chanel Allure Homme.
  2. Valerie's Avatar
    I agree ,I'd love my husband to wear "Une Rose". If men are often gardeners why not wear florals if they like them ?
  3. medyseo's Avatar
    [QUOTE=m.m.angel;bt815]If it works for you, nothing else matters. I prefer a more masculine scent on my husband such as Chanel Allure Homme.[/QUOTE]


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