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Guess I need to keep track of what I'm thinking of these fragrances

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I haven't really worn perfume regularly in about 15 years. I used to wear it all the time in high school, back in the late 80s/early 90s and that is when most of what I have dates to. I decided to start wearing perfume again, largely inspired by reading the book Perfumes: The Guide. I've been going through what I have a wearing them, to see what I still like. I did purchase Hypnotic Poison yesterday, as Poison is my all time favorite and I really liked Hypnotic.

I'm not great about telling what the different notes are, etc, I can usually just tell if I like something or not! I'm afraid I have an uneducated (and often allergy ridden) nose and rather banal taste. But, I'm trying...

I realized that I really should write down what I think of each perfume after I wear it, or pretty soon I may forget what I'm doing.

Youth Dew:
This bottle belonged to my mother, so it is pretty old (70s maybe?). I only used two spritzes, as it is pretty strong. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but as the day went on, I did like it. Could still smell it at the end of the day and can still smell it on the shirt I put on right after applying it. I'll definitely keep wearing this.

No idea where this sample size bottle came from. Used two spritzes of this and was not impressed. To me it just smelled harsh and chemical. It had faded a lot by the end of the day, but seemed pretty powerful at first. I'll give it another try but not impressed so far.

My favorite perfume in high school and I still love it. Used one spritz, worn it to work, no one complained and I smelled wonderful all day. My bottle is probably 18-20 years old (yikes, I dated myself!).

Bought this and another BR fragrance a year or so ago as the little bottles were on sale. My impression of this was that it was light, sweet and pretty generic smelling.


  1. kpointer101's Avatar
    I can't pick out individual notes either, unless they're just obvious. Just wear what you like!
  2. shoegal68's Avatar
    I couldn't agree more, I know what I like and have a hard time picking out notes as well.
  3. jayjupes's Avatar
    tresor is an abomination.
    i'm glad someone else is saying so in plain english.


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