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The Journey So Far vol.2

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While I was studying, I didn't get any new fragrances, but wore what I had. I got married during this period, and the man who's now my husband liked Égoïste so much on me that he started to wear it himself, too. We both wore it at our wedding, and more than a decade later it's still "our scent".

When I spent a semester in St.Petersburg as an exchange student, the ruble crashed, and I could allow myself the luxury of a new scent. Still not a full-size bottle, but two minis: Sonia Rykiel and Yohji. The latter turned out to be The One: after the first mini I bought a second, bigger mini, and later when back home, from travels, helping friends and via online shops seven bottles more. I didn't start to wear it less until I learned it had become discontinued and became more and more difficult to find.

While still studying, I spent a year working in Tallinn, Estonia and travelled back and forth between Tallinn and Helsinki on the ferries, where I spent my time in the tax-free parfumeries. The scent selection in Tallinn was (and still is) better than in Helsinki, and I got a chance to sniff new fragrances that never made their way to the shops in my hometown. I still remained faithfull to Yohji, though, and my scent collection stayed moderate in size. That would soon change...

to be continued



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