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The Journey So Far vol.3

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The biggest turning point of my journey came in 2002 when I wanted to learn more about fragrances. When looking for information on the internet I ran into several fragrance forums (of which Basenotes is the only one I still frequent). It was mind-blowing to find people all over the world sharing the same obsession with scents. I learned about fragrances and houses I had never heard of before, but wanted to tackle the Classics first.

Since I still had no credit card, I had to settle for stuff I could get at Stockmann (the best department store in Helsinki), so I started with Guerlain. The first one I got was Shalimar, which was soon followed by L'Heure Bleue and later Jicky. Mitsouko still played cat-and-mouse with me and entered my collection later as did Vol de Nuit and Après l'Ondée which weren't available here in Finland.

Having to settle for department store offerings meant also settling for mainstream stuff, but mainstream can be very controversial as Angel taught me. I had never been interested in the idea of "mummy baking" or the sky blue sci-fi image, but what picked my curiosity was the heated love/hate talk about Angel on the frag forums. I wanted to find out into which camp I would fall since there seemed to be no middle ground. When I first tested it, I saw a vision of a Godzilla-sized Tinkerbell armed with a cartoon mallet. I tried to scrub off this massive offender of a scent, but it was no use, it was still there the morning after. However, I couldn't stop sniffing at the delicious whiff of bittersweet chocolate & patchouli combo. I had to go back and give it another try.

I ended up not only buying the damn thing but actually wearing it exclusively for the next six weeks!!! It's still a record for me.

At this point I couldn't imagine wearing anything but Orientals, Gourmands were pretty close to them, so finding them wasn't a big step for me, but I wanted to go further and get to know other olfactory groups as well. Since Chypres seemed the most challenging, I decided to tackle them next.

to be continued



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