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No. 5 And My Raging (Lack Of) Hormones

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is not a topic I would have discussed with my patients even were I not semi-retired from the practice of medicine. It is not a topic that was taught in mainstream Internal Medicine during my years of med school and residency. It is not a topic that would have even caught my interest, other than to banish it the list of topics we mainstream Internists might refer to as "voodoo" or "not evidenced-based medicine." That was then; this is now.

I even convinced MYSELF it was all in my head. I was tired. Just plain tired. I had to nap in the early afternoon or else I couldn't get through the day. The differential diagnosis included anemia, depression, infection, sleep apnea...I ran the possibilities and crossed them off one at a time, like a good little Internist. I could have sworn I had the crazy "adrenal fatigue" that perfectly healthy 40-something skinny women soccor-mom types who just plain DO too much and want an excuse to rest used to complain to me about--a term they found time to read all about on THE INTERNET and print out chapters to give me "to read when I had time." Batteries of medical tests would find nothing wrong with them; I'd follow my protocols and lecture them on the need for relaxation time and 8 hours of sleep, yadda yadda yadda, "Next!"

I was getting tired of it. Or was I catching the "tireds?"

All I really wanted to do was lose the 20 pounds that had found me. I was desperate and even willing to try Hcg injections. I found docs online who were avant guard enough to actually DO such a thing and made an appointment. The initial consult alone was $300; there were volumes of paperwork to fill out and 9 tubes of blood to draw (none of the tests covered by insurance.) My husband, also an MD, just about caused me to draw the line when I had to fill several test tubes with my own drool (saliva testing), a definite cause for snickering in our world of traditional Western medicine.

Dr. Garcia of BodyLogicMD has changed not only my opinions of off-the-beaten-path medicine, but my life. To my strangely gratified horror, I found that I had a non-registering cortisol level by 11 am, progesterone deficiency, too high a level of "bad" estrogens, and my regular (traditional) thyroid med wasn't functioning properly. Putting the idea of Hcg injections for weight loss on hold, I became a patient on BHRT.

My suspicions were true!!! I had previously noticed some fluctuations not only in energy levels and the quality of my singing voice, but also in the way things SMELLED throughout my monthly cycle. And frankly, perfumes just weren't having their usual enchantment over me lately. There were days I didn't even bother to spritz any more. (I know, I know, how sad!!) Now I had the missing link: bioidentical progesterone in the form of a topical cream to be applied to the skin in a variable dose depending upon the day in my cycle restored both my top notes ("la la la la la la laaaaahhhh!" and my basenotes! Singing and smelling fine, I am a convert. I'm reading books I previously wrote off as trash, like Suzanne Sommers and Kevin Trudeau. Hey, if it helps people, why poo-poo it?

My college roommate Rachel wore Coco Chanel and I loved it. But it never smelled that great to me in more recent years when I sampled it. Now I can't get enough of it: it is like spun spice and gold on my wrist. And I never cared for Chanel No. 5. Now I bathe in it. I am excited to retry some other lost loves of my past and present perfume wardrobes. Even Creed's JIE has a new life to me: it had seemed to have gone sour this past November or so.
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  1. odioustoilet's Avatar
    Ever consider vit.B injections?
  2. Guest 3's Avatar
    I believe it. Very interesting. I'm sending you a PM.
  3. jayjupes's Avatar
    i like this entry a lot.
    glad you found something good for you.
    that whole thing about "it comes when you're not looking" is a lie.
    seek and ye shall find makes better sense.
  4. Saintpaulia's Avatar
    Thanks Doc. Great story.


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