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yes, this is a stupid entry
this stuff is divine

also, even tho i get the hit of cinnamon right off the bat anymore
it's so good besides that that i just try to think of how it works in there

doesn't make me esp nauseous either
which is really really wonderful
it would be a cornbag move to wear it all the time
but i am tempted

gonna get one of the guerlain sampler things off whatever that site is
not posh peasant, the other one that has everything
i know i want to smell l'heure bleue and guerlainade (sp?)
i know i DON'T want to smell habit rouge
cause i think i read where there's cinnamon in it
which i'm against not on principle
just my body can't handle it as a smell

let's hug
kathy griffin makes my dreams real



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