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Another year

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So much has happened with my nose this past year, I realized, having a look at my entry about L'Heure Bleue - is that really no longer than eight months ago? How strange! I like heliotrope. I gifted a friend with samples of eight heliotrope-laden fragrances for Christmas and I can't wait to try them myself.

I honestly cannot think of a single fragrance I really detest; I can think of ones I dislike, fragrances that make me wrinkle my nose and consider moving a few feet away, but none that make me feel sick or recoil in horror. I can't help being a little disappointed, I want the thrill of repulsion. This is the moment to order a sample of Sécretions Magnifiques, isn't it? And, of course, explore animalics further, but so far they don't repulse me so much as attract me. Civet is a thrill, to be sure, but a basically pleasant one.

Perhaps I'll just have to indulge that slightly morbid fascination with odd, unsettling and repulsive smells somewhere else - there are plenty of things that smell bad in this world, after all. I can see how bottling and selling them as perfume might not be an easy marketing strategy, of course, although the idea that someone deliberately created this is, admittedly, part of the appeal, and man-made horrible smells - even ones that are bi-products - are always more interesting to me than naturally occurring horrible smells.

I have a few very distinctive scent memories of the really interesting kind from high school; things we did in chemistry lab, like that combination of sugar and saltpetre that smells a bit like coffee and burnt sugar, or the basic esters we made up, some of them smelling like acetone or alcohol, some like synthetic fruit flavours, the combination of which always ended up giving a distinctly synthetic vomit impression that permeated the entire building. That is lovely stuff, in retrospect, as is the pungent, eggy smell of sulphate emanating from the kraft process pulping mills around Sundsvall, the smoky, acrid smell of ozone and creosote around railroads and trains, the cold, funky-yet-mineral smell of a tool box, all metal and grease and something else I can't pinpoint...

Yes. Definitely time for a sample of Sécretions Magnifiques, methinks.

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