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The start of a regular blog: What's on my mind

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As if I didn't have enough to do, I've been inspired by several people, mostly Kevin Guyer, to start some sort of regular update, to keep people informed as to what is going on behind the scenes.

I'm not the most communicative of people, and while this didn't really matter ten years ago, it's a little more important now.

Normally my todo list is fairly long and what I do next depends on what seems most important at the time. Mainly, it's putting fires out. In the last week there have been a few bugs that need fixing, a few community issues to keep an eye on, testing a possible new iOs/Android app and an issue where people didn't get their emails (which is hopefully fixed now).

As a result, I didn't put up the news and articles I wanted, didn't get to put up as many fragrances in the directory as I'd have liked and have an email inbox the size of War & Peace.

Some of the tasks I can eventually eliminate: one of the things I am working on is a system where members can add / amend items to the fragrance directory. These will end up in a list which I can check and submit. Alternatively, there could be some sort of peer review system where if, say, three members independently agree that a fragrance should be added / amended it would go in automatically.

This sort of thing will take a while to code, and it's balancing this against the regular things that need doing, even though it will eventually make it easier.

Aims for the week.

Here are the main aims and things I'm doing for this week. I'll come back next week and see how I've done.

  • Try and put at least one news/feature up each day
  • Live blog from Scratch & Sniff on Tuesday
  • Meeting with two people about two as yet unnanounced secret projects
  • Meeting with Janine from UK Fragrance Foundation to discuss Basenotes involvement in the niche award in the UK Fifis
  • Revise forum code of conduct, to make it easier to read and make mods life easier
  • Finish off latest issue of severely delayed Basenotes Magazine
  • Email CPL Project participation to discuss next stages
  • Launch new bug tracker / features suggestor to make things easier for me to track
  • sleep (possibly)

Right, I'm off now to try and get some of that done. Next week, I'll try and moan less
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  1. msmith139's Avatar
    You can do it...and best wishes for continued success
  2. DustB's Avatar
    A fun to read update/entry Grant. Always great seeing what the site has in store.
  3. Aiona's Avatar
    I just visited the front page of Basenotes for the first time today in a very long while. I usually head to the forums first, as that is what pops up on my browser pulldown menu. I was surprised to see all the new little features on the front page. Very nice! I haven't look at the newest wardrobe additions or review editing lately, though. Perhaps that is next on my list.

    I really must commend you, Grant, for keeping this site together for so long. My husband is currently a volunteer on another website (also based out of the UK), and I can see that site also having similar things on its to-do list although on a different subject matter. It's a tough job to start something like this, and even tougher to keep it operating as smoothly as you do. Again, kudos to you!


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