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I Smell. . ., You Smell, We All Smell for. . .

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Last week, I was feeling a little nostalgic. So, I managed to dig out some samples from the closet, where many of scents had been hiding since I was pregnant.

I store some of them in a little wooden chest, filled with polypropylene beads (an idea I got from another Basenotes member 30_Roses whose forum thread can be found here). Pawing through the glass and spray vials, I found one that I hadn't visited in years -- Penhaligon's English Fern.

I remember it being soapy. But pleasant.

I spritzed a bit on my wrist that morning, and waved it in front of Junior to see if he liked it. He was too busy trying to climb out of the crib. Nevertheless, I enjoyed a lovely soapy day. Its scent faded by afternoon, and was but a pleasant memory.

Later that evening, Aiona Jr had a massive bowel movement, which necessitated an immediate bath. I plopped him into the tub and started the water running, sticking my arm under the stream of water to check the temperature. All of a sudden, re-energized by the steam and the moisture, the air was filled again with the fresh scent of English Fern and I couldn't help but smile. What a pleasant scent to end the day with! As I scooped water up and poured it over Junior, my wrists gave off waves of lavender.

I had a thought, "Gee, wouldn't he smell nice spritzed with a little bit of English Fern?!"

I have read on the Basenotes forums of people who spritz their dogs or cats, or other pets. I could imagine many of us choose scents for our children, just as my mom gave me my first bottle of Avon perfume when I was 6.

And yet, part of me felt it was wrong to spritz him with something not of his own choosing, as if choosing a scent is something that someone must do of one's own free will.

So, I haven't spritzed him yet with anything. Just as I'm not sure when I'll ever take him rockclimbing with me, I'm not sure when I'll ever choose his cologne.

I adore my mother, but I have always rejected her style for my own. I don't know if I consciously have a different style from my mother or if I just prefer solids over prints and neutral colors over vivid ones. I prefer casual sweaters and slacks over dresses and glittering jewelry.

So, would my child rebel against fragrance, if I dared impose my choices on him? Oh the horror!

I suppose I'll just wait till he can actually speak in sentences, and can tell me his general impressions and preferences so that I can at least guide him towards things that he might enjoy.



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