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Signature Scent: Versace pour Homme or 212 Men by C.H.?

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Hey, guys. Newbie here. I need your help. I'm looking for a signature scent and I'm deciding between Versace pour Homme and CH 212 Men. (Luckily, neither are common in my country) Other designer, not-so-hard-to-find, inexpensive fragrance suggestions would also be appreciated.

About me:
- 22 years old
- Looking for a versatile, signature scent suitable for tropical weather
- Had Bvlgari Aqua as my sig.scent before but grew EXTREMELY tired of it
- Looking for something fresh, modern, and sexy
- My untrained nose dislikes "dad" scents
- My other former signature scents were Clinique Happy for men, CK one, Cool Water (during grade school and high school)
- I would like to stick to fresh, citrusy, aquatic scent as this is more appropriate for tropical weather. They don't necessarily have to be summer flankers/editions

I bought 9 bottles in a span of 2 months and for someone without a job, I think that's a lot. This purchase might be my last one for a while so I want to hit the bull's eye to FINALLY satisfy this new fragrance addiction. (it will never get satified, you say? Probably... but just go along with it)





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