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Buying fragrances for compliments became completely pointless to me. I just buy or wear things because I like the way they smell on me. Although, I’m not going to wear YSL Kouros and offend people with it (it’s strong and it smells like a clean bathroom stall). When I first started with this hobby back in late 2007, I was bummed that I couldn’t get someone to say I smelled good no matter how hard I tried. That’s the point. “how hard I tried”. Most people you come across won’t care as long as you don’t stink, let alone complimenting you. Unless they’re a dear friend of yours and they felt comfortable making a comment about it. Or if you have that “je ne sais quoi.” about you where they felt compelled to find an excuse to talk to you as an ice breaker.

So in an essence, buying particular colognes to attract girls? Worthless if you don’t like it on yourself. It’s just the whole confidence thing as with anything and being comfortable in your own skin. The same applies to a lot of things. If you’re confident about what you do, you love doing it, and you’re not trying so hard to impress someone, people will notice. If you seriously think a cologne is the main basis for getting girls, you really need to evaluate your social game. I mean, really. Fragrance is a piece of art and art is generally subjective. If you feel it’s worth the money to experience that piece of art for yourself, then more power to you. If you feel that whether or not it gets you chicks dictates how much you should spend on a fragrance? Then you’re buying it for the wrong reasons.

With that said, I wouldn’t get mad if someone got a compliment for smelling nice even though all he did was shower with Axe body wash and I’m standing right there after wearing a $200 Frederic Malle fragrance created by Jean-Claude Ellena. Disappointed? Yea. Annoyed? Nope. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter nor does it take anything away from something I really enjoy wearing. At the very least, I try not to offend anyone by overspraying. That and making sure I’m showering on a regular basis. I care more about that than whether or not someone notices what I have on. At the end of the day, it’s a smell and 99% of the people you come across will give you a “yes” or “no” answer if they choose to comment on it.

FYI, I only own 3 full bottles. Two of which are half empty, so it’s more like I own 2 full bottles. I’m not in the right place financially to be buying $100-200 bottles of fragrances at the moment. I just happen to be good with places that offer samples of fragrances I’m interested in trying out. Why, hello Barney’s/Sak’s 5th/Neiman Marcus. :P
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  1. teaweed's Avatar
    Most of the occassions I've complimented a stranger on their fragrance was because it was so strong that I felt a comment was required, but didn't wish to be rude. So, instead, I'd say, "You smell nice. What is that you're wearing?"


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