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Thoughts on Love and Fear, Giving and Loss

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OK, a little break from writing only about perfume, though perfume may come into it a bitÖ

Recently Iíve been concerned with the idea of how fear affects oneís attitude toward love. This came up for me as I was reading one day and found an article that quoted some familiar words: ďThere is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear.Ē I remembered these words from reading the New Testament, where they appear in the First Letter of John. They reminded me of someone I knew a long time ago, a person who loved, but was very afraid of loss. It wasnít a fear of losing the person he loved, but a fear of his love for his lover diminishing him in the eyes of other people. You see, my friend loved another man, and couldnít bear the thought that if his love became known, some of his family and friends might reject him. His fear kept him from the freedom to be himself, because he thought the risk of admitting his love to others was too great.

Perfect love casts out fear. If only he had seen how true this is, he would have known that there is no fear in love, and that his love, had he been able to express it, would have brought him more joy than he imagined. Besides fulfilling his dream of loving and being loved, it would have set him free to be himself. Losing the approval of some of his friends and family would just have been evidence that they didnít love him for himself, and so wouldnít have been so much of a loss as he feared. What good is the love of people who would despise you if they knew who you truly are?

I sympathized with him, and understood his fear. It would have changed the whole basis of his life, and made a difficult transition for him into unknown territory. I know that he loved those friends and family he feared to lose. I felt some regret for him over that, and also over his losing the one he loved, the one he would never approach because of his fears. Yet what made me saddest for him was that he would miss the chance to live through giving himself ó his real and deep self ó to the person he truly loved and to the rest of the world as well.

Why do I say this? Because giving is never losing, it is always gaining something. We are remembered not for our material success in the world, but by each person we know for what we have given them of ourselves, of our love. The love we give give is not only the love of physical attraction and of passion, but the love of a son or brother, of a friend; and these loves can be just as deep and just as important as that love we hold for a spouse or a lover. A gift of love is always returned, whether by the one we love, or if it is not accepted fully, by returning to us in the knowledge that we have offered something of ourselves purely out of love, and not out of hope of gain.

In my life, some friendships and family relationships have been just as exciting and satisfying as those conjugal loves, though in a different way. In a sense, they proved to me that love is not just a question of sex and procreation, but a deep bond of one person to another, even in the complete absence of physical desire.

I guess I am a bit of a hot-blooded Latin, even though I may often come across as cerebral and intellectual. I donít think a current of warmth and passion is ever completely absent in any but the most casual relationships of mine. That sometimes makes some people uncomfortable, perhaps because they are afraid of too much fellow-feeling with someone they donít know all that well. Well, getting to know me isnít that hard, and can even be fun. Still, I probably try to do everything I do with a measure of passion and out of a sense of giving myself, and yes, even out of some variety of love. Itís not a bad way to live a life. Even if itís sometimes misunderstood or rejected, itís still enormously rewarding to me. Whether itís a passion for art, music, perfume, being out for a walk on a beautiful day, or the love I bear my life partner, it makes life brighter and better, sweeter and more joyful.

Of course, I donít love everything and everybody. That would be more joy than I think I could bear! Yet, where my love is called forth, fear dissolves (though anxiety can spice things up a bit) and the desire and ability to give becomes
in itself lifeís best gift.

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  1. gandhajala's Avatar
    Beautiful sentiments, Jaime B.

    "A gift of love is always returned, whether by the one we love, or if it is not accepted fully, by returning to us in the knowledge that we have offered something of ourselves purely out of love, and not out of hope of gain."

    A wonderfully apposite thought for my evening.
    Thank you.
  2. Primrose's Avatar
    Jaime, how wonderful for you to share this with us.

    Far too many people get wrapped up and obsessed with romantic love, which is only a small part of the picture. Love is a way of living and going into the world.
  3. lupo's Avatar
    Beautiful words, Jaime. It reminds me of a book I've been reading recently, The Road Less Travelled, which has got its fair share of rubbish and some good points. One of the good points was about love and loss...
    I guess we all come across people who are not able to love without possessing (or wanting to possess...) all your time, energy and mental space, and that's where one should really step out of the relationship and tell the other to get a grip. Which I did very recently so, thanks Jaime, that was a confirmation that I might be on the right way!
  4. N_Tesla's Avatar
    Jaime, your posting should be the primer for everyone's relationship with each other. I perceive the tears and joy of an existence from which you have taken wisdom and understanding. Would that everyone reflect your kindness, love and tolerance.
  5. chaplain's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing a bit of your heart with us, Jaime. It was a wonderful reminder of what is important in life.
  6. perfumista's Avatar
    This is the way to live.
  7. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Good thoughts!
  8. 30 Roses's Avatar
    "We are remembered... by each person we know for what we have given them of ourselves, of our love."

    So true! Thank you for this thoughtful piece.
  9. teardrop's Avatar
    Wise words Jaime, thankyou for these beautiful thoughts. This brought to mind a saying l heard which goes something like; "lt's not the things you do in life that you'll regret, but the things you didn't do." So sad to think that your friend gave up his chance of happiness for fear of what others might think. As you say, there are many different kinds of love. There are no limits to love, there is always plenty to go around, & l believe you do get back what you give, in some form or other.


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