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Celebrating nice stuff

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Sometimes running a website which is primarily based on users interacting it's too easy to find yourself focussing on the negative side of things: The members that behave like antisocial idiots, the ones that derail a thread; the trolls etc etc.

Luckily, the majority of the members are helpful, lovely and do thoughtful things. As a parent of two children, I've noticed that kids thrive on, and really appreciate being rewarded for their achievements. I don't think us grown-ups are really that different.

So partly inspired by a combination of Foursquare and Supernanny, I spent a few hours on Saturday afternoon coding 'The Basenotes Reward Chart'

The idea is that you can achieve awards by measurable actions you take (or others take regarding you) on the website. There are currently four stickers available (I will add more), One for activity in the market place, one for 100 posts, one for having friends, and one for having a popular profile. The big motivation for me is to encourage members to maybe explore parts of the site they don't normally, so stickers could be rewarded in the future for writing reviews, submitting information to the directory, taking part in a social group, starting a blog and so on.

The other 'nice' thing I've added is a 'thanks' button. If a member has posted a useful forum post, you can press the button and it will display your thanks. A nice way of telling someone their post was helpful, without posting a one word 'cheers' post.

In other news, I'm off to Shoreditch tonight to live blog from the Valentine's Special Scratch + Sniff event, so keep a look out on the front page for that.
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  1. timaru's Avatar
    Great, Grant, this really does add to the experience and will especially reward those, who take their time writing long, thoughtfull replies!
    Thank you for once again improving BN a little bit!
  2. Diamondflame's Avatar
    As if I'm not already a BN addict as it is. This might just push it into 'obsession'. Thanks, Grant...
  3. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    I do like all this new stuff. This is very much helping to put more "social" into things - and that's always good, IMO.
  4. actiasluna's Avatar
    Agreed! It does make more sense than continual "thank you!"... "No, thank YOU!"... "You're Welcome" posts. (I "love" these in e-mail business correspondence, silly but sometimes necessary.)


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