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May 30

Yesterday I wore Rose Poivree by The Different Company. The combination of rose, pepper, and slightly foul animal notes in this perfume make it irresistible to me. I could not stop smelling my wrists.

Some of the reviews I've read of this perfume decry the animalic part of the fragrance; one compared the smell to sweaty socks. I get it. But that's exactly why the perfume is interesting. It combines that sweaty, intimate smell with rose and pepper, and the result not only makes you think, it also makes you feel. For me, the animalic makes me think of a man's balls. I'm a woman, and that's a turn-on.

For that reason, I'm not sure I would wear this perfume when I'm in my public persona -- college professor. I don't need to share this particular taste of mine with colleagues who stand beside me at the Xerox machine, and I don't need first year students wondering where my slightly rank odor might be coming from.

Rose Poivree is a private perfume to be worn on days when I get to stay at home and write, when I can just be anonymously myself, or when I'm going to lie in bed and read before I sleep. The smell is intoxicating, and the perfume makes me glad I have my own animal skin to wear it on. It's a way for me to be intimate with myself.



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