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My First Creed! :-)

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Just ordered my first Creed and went with Virgin Island Water. I gave in because of the weather. Well, that and $20 off an already nicely priced tester from a reputable site with free shipping helped sway me too.

Today is the first not bitterly cold day in New York City (I didn't have to wear a silly hat walking around to keep my ears warm). Figure if I really start itching for the summer to start, I can give myself a spritz of this while I'm plopped in front of the computer or watching television. Oh the strange looks I will get from girlfriend. ;-)

But yeah, I've had my eyes on it for a (VERY) long while and I'm super excited for this to come in!

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  1. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar

    I came dangerously close to buying that juice as my first Creed - didn't quite do it, but it's always waiting there.... tempting me.... and this blog post ain't helpin', either! Women do live it, both on guys and on themselves, so don't be surprised if your bottle starts running low, mysteriously....
  2. digger51's Avatar
    I got my VIW last weekend...I like it alot.
  3. teardrop's Avatar
    VIW was my first (& only, so far...) Creed purchase too! l got a good deal on mine just as last summer ended, so l too am waiting for warmer weather so that l can really enjoy it. Let's hope it comes soon!
  4. digger51's Avatar
    I am in So Cal and we had some 80 degree weather last week so I got towear it at least once. In the meantime I am wearing Creed MI.
  5. fragrance-fetish's Avatar
    Oh man, after reading these comments now I'm really (REALLY) looking forward for this to come in! :-)


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