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Been a While... Roundup!

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So I recently spend a week in Paris and visiting the Guerlain flag ship on Champs Elysees was definitely in the top 5 best moments. During that trip I bought quite impulsively and without testing Hermes Eau de Mervielles and Tiare Mimosa... haven't really road tested either yet but a random spritz of the AA has me thinking it lovely and wearable but a full bottle might not have been necessary. More to come on those...

Not sure if its the change in seasons but I find myself searching for something bright and pretty lately. I was supposed to be running errands in town and stopped by Fenwicks' perfume section because I can rarely resist it and I tried a spritz of Creed Love in White. I've tested it before and found it underwhelming, but having tried many more perfumes since then I think my initial dismissal was hasty. True its not a 'wow' perfume, but its so very very pretty and light but still present, and unlike others often in the category, doesn't smell cheap. I'm beginning to think this is more of an achievement in perfume than I gave it credit for. May revisit this on my quest for a new spring scent. I think what really changed my mind on Love in White was that I got home and then spritzed Pure Poison (last summer's go-to) above my elbow and was struck by how different these two pretty white flower frags really are.

I received my first sample in the post upon returning from my trip and the boost in endorphins it gave me is embarrassing to admit to. Anyhoo... Its Ruth Mastenbroek's self-titled first EDP and I couldn't contain myself and decided to try immediately, though sparingly cause its small. Its really great so far. Fresh, woody, something fruity but not too sweet, and a background warmth I assume is patchouli. Its been on my wrist for an hour so far and hasn't developed much but it is a great spring/summer scent and I would say uni-sex. More on this later too...



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