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When Eitquette is not practical

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One of the biggest struggles I had was trying to follow the seasonal rules of fragrances. I know, I know. Most people will click off by now or roll their eyes until they fall out of there head. But hear this.... I LIVE IN DALLAS TX!!!!. You hear that snobs? It is 80 from April to October and many 70 plus days in Nov, Dec and yes even Jan (we had a 80 day in Feb twice). That means that I would only get opportunity to wear the sillage and projection monsters two months per year and for the rest I would have to wear the all too familar fresh scents, spending 70 plus dollars on the good ones to get 4 hours out of them. That seems like a waste of money so.....

For you who will be offended I decide to scratch that. I will smell the fragrance I like and buy it and not only will I buy it I will also wear it (please don't send the goons for my knee caps here). Pure Malt.... wearing it! Le Male...... (when I buy it) wearing it. 1 Million..... wearing it, even to work LOL!!! All of the rest great ones, when and if I buy them (Tom Ford, A Men, Frederic Malle, Bonds and Creeds) I will wear them and so what if a snob looks at me as if I have wore transparent pants with no underwear.

Now here is one rule I will follow. I won't wear leather pants while wearing these fragrances so I should get some credit applied back to my account


  1. Aiona's Avatar
    Heh! Well, in the summer, some people at work crank the air conditioners up so high, it's like working in a freezer car of a freight train. And if they don't, *you* could! So, in that case, you'd have your own mini-winter in the middle of summer. That is, until you step out into the humidity of July/August.
  2. takeitupthenose's Avatar
    LOL! Yes it is always winter inside, but boy the shock of walking out into the parking lot can be crippling! It is like someone took a ice cube and through it into a sauna! But I have to give it a try. I am telling you a week after the Super Bowl it has been 70+ I don't think it is going to cool down so bring it on heat, lets see how it goes
  3. Mrs H's Avatar
    Just wear whatever the hell you like whenever you want to. Who decreed the etiquette in the first place?! We spend so much on this stuff we can't be dictated to by the weather
  4. takeitupthenose's Avatar
    Mrs. H, would you like to be my best friend
  5. Mrs H's Avatar
    A pleasure, always love to meet a like-minded scent obsessive!


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