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Re-review - Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle

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Ok, so wanting something fresh and pretty today I decided to go for Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle again. I love most of the other poisons so I was really excited to get it as a gift and couldn't wait to try it out. My first spritz was a big let down. Its really pretty and by any definition smells 'good' but I found it so dessert-like and it faded so quickly I was starting to scope out friends collections to initiate a swap. Thought I'd revisit today because well I'm desperate and my friends all have crap perfume collections.

AM - I went for a light 3 spritzes, one on each wrist one on the neck. I've come to much the same conclusion. It is really very pretty, I've gotten 2 compliments just today and its one of the first frags I've ever had a stranger recognise. Its flowery-fruity vanilla ice cream. But its so un-exciting that the sparking prettiness fails to have the effect that I think they're aiming for - at least for me.

Afternoon - Seeking excitement and a mid-day lift I reapplied three big close to skin sprays on each wrist about an hour ago. Actually its much more interesting with a heavy hand. The top is much greener and sharp - something in there now says 'I'm a pretty flower but if you eat my leaves will get sick'. More dramatic but still not really lethal or particularly poisonous. The vanilla in there is less noticeable and sweet as well, more reminiscent of the slightly spicy vanilla in the Original Hypnotic Poison - less ice cream like but also more synthetic. Still don't think it appropriate to call this stuff 'Poison' 'Hypnotic' or 'Sensuelle' though...

I'm going to wait and see if the heavy hand has any noticeable effect on the dry down... I'd still happily switch this for something with more impact but the bottle is gorgeous and at least it gets compliments


  1. PremierT's Avatar
    Dry down schmy down - Eau Sensuelle is pretty but boring and sweet enough to boarder on annoying. If the dry down is more interesting its taking too long to get there. Decided to spray Kingdom, Alexander McQueen on top and I'm liking the combo although Kingdom is kicking Eau Sensuelle's arse all over the place. The vanilla sweet heart base warms up the 'cold' Kingdom, and the odor of sex and body that everyone talks about in Kingdom makes more sense now. Though I still don't think it's strong enough to warrant all those comments about Kingdom smelling like a LLP.


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