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Chloe Narcisse

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I was wandering about and found a bottle in the pharmacy for 6. I remember my mother having a bottle when I was a child and feeling nostalgic I bought it. I'm most intrigued by the fact that it's one of the most negatively reviewed fragrances that I've come across on this site. Another of my favs (Kingdom) is very widely hated lol. Going to test today, I'll be the girl on the bus everyone is moving away from
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  1. bookwyrmsmith's Avatar
    My aunt (who had dry skin) wore this when I was a child.(1980's)I think that as it's very sweet that as long as it is applied lightly no one should have any cause to take offense.--Now if you want a lot of seat space SPRAY LIBERALLY!(I feel like I should have a little devil emoticon here )( a Moo-oo-ah-ah AH! sound effect would be great too)


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