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1000 Posts + My letter to Basenotes, blah blah.....

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Upon reaching 1000 posts today (Oh boy, I'm DEPENDENT now!! ), I'm definitely looking back at my time spent on Basenotes so far. I originally came here as a reviewer when I was 18 and simply reviewed fragrances. I was recommended to Basenotes from a men's grooming forum called MenEssentials. Anyway, time passed and by the spring of 2009 I was reviewing frequently. By that summer, I had left fragrances and Basenotes to pursue other interests.

Flash-forward to October 2010, I'm back. This is when I really started getting into fragrances, and I have learned so much from the people here on Basenotes. You're a very knowleged bunch and you've taught me so much about fragrances as it is, and your advice and reviews have helped me along the way as I went from a starving college kid with a few designer scents and some TJ Maxx bargain buys to a collection of over 120, both designer and niche. You guys have also won over a new Patou Pour Homme convert here

Anyway, I actually visit Basenotes more than Facebook or anything else now, so I definitely am dependent on fragrances, if you will. Having afternoon classes a few days a week permits me to sleep in and sit on my ass even more in this apartment, and pursuing my dreams of being a perfumer someday have really been boosted by Basenotes.

That being said, thanks to all of you that have helped me and given me valuable advice here on Basenotes over the past few months. You're a great bunch of folks, and look for my scents on Luckyscent someday!!


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  1. pluran's Avatar

    Anyone discerning enough to smell the genius of Patou pour Homme is ok by me.

    Have fun,
    Updated 24th March 2011 at 11:34 PM by pluran
  2. gandhajala's Avatar
    I really enjoy reading your posts and look forward to the next 1000.
    Well done
  3. Grottola's Avatar
    Thanks guys!


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