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Goblin by BPAL (not in database)

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Goblin (from the Diabolus line) - Black coconut, gnarly patchouli, and sweet benzoin.

This reminds me of a smoldering fire. Not smokey, just the impression of the scent from a smoldering fire. I had a small bottle of something from an artisan called "Fireside" - almost exactly the same & it went into an oil burner b/c I wouldn't wear it. This is better, though.

I think I'd like this on a hunk of raw, husky manliness, like Toby Keith or Blake Shelton, smelling like he just got home from spending half a day doing target practice on some cold November weekend.

On me, meh!


  1. enchantedaromas's Avatar
    HMM...on me Goblin was a perfect blend of a raunchy Patchouli and Vanilla (Benzoin) with a bit of Coconut. YUM!


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